August 11, 2019

By Terry in Girona: “Who Follows it Gets It”

I fell in love with this makeup brand over 5 years ago … And I promised myself that one day, as soon as possible, I would get to work with BY TERRY in Girona. And, finally, the long-awaited moment has arrived!

One day, long ago, a sample arrived in my hands. What shows?, You will ask. Specifically, a simple lip balm. Well I can assure you that I was fascinated and surprised from the first moment. And because? Well, because it was a makeup, quick and easy to use! Ideal for us, who are burdened with work, children … Anything that helps us save time is always welcome, right?

Finally: By Terry in Girona

At this moment I promised myself that someday I would be able to bring the BY TERRY brand to Girona. Therefore, yes or yes, it had to be part of my Beauty Corner!

And as what I promise myself, I always keep it, or almost always … Finally today I can announce that we already have BY TERRY in Girona. We already have it at The House of Beauty, so you can fall in love just like I did!

And the truth is not surprising! So that its founder, Terry de Gunzburg, found her own lifestyle.

A life of a working woman, modern, active and simple, but elegant at the same time.

Easy to use makeup

From the first moment it created easy to use, accessible and universal products; products that were not based on the latest trends or fads. Simple products designed to make life easier for women.

This has made possible a very special relationship between Terry and his loyal female clients, who have been given the confidence to express their own unique style. Bringing this brand to Girona means for me to help make the lives of the women of Girona, elegant, hard-working and modern, a little easier, following the main objective that their creator has always had.