August 28, 2019

Welcome Sarah Chapman to Girona

I feel really happy to welcome Sarah Chapman to Girona. Sarah Chapman’s arrival in Girona has been very important to me. Next, I will explain the reason.

Many of you who know me know that, for me, success is subject to TEAM + PROFESSIONALISM + CONSTANT INNOVATION. These values ​​are fundamental for Perfums & Co to continue being a center of reference in the city of Girona.

Searching for new brands, new protocols and new experiences are, without a doubt, my main objectives. And I try to do it constantly, investigating nonstop. In this way, I get, or at least, I think I get, to bring you the most innovative products.

One more brand in the Beauty Corner

So, with great enthusiasm, and after having tried each of their products, I welcome a very personal cosmetic firm that I assure you will not leave you indifferent. With the arrival of the Sarah Chapman brand in Girona we can already exclaim: welcome to your home, Sarah!

Its founder, Sarah, is the UK’s leading skincare authority. And, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after facialists in London, being her waiting list of up to 12 weeks.

Her coveted Skinesis facials are the favorites of celebrities and VIPs like Victoria Beckham or Meghan Markle, making her cosmetics pointers on anti-aging technology.

“I developed the Skinesis line after many years in my clinic experimenting with how the skin reacts to products and movement.”

“My clients’ skin became the testing ground for determining the exact formulations that run across the line today,” Sarah Chapman.

Welcome Sarah Chapman to Girona!

So I invite you to try Sarah Chapman-Skinesis. We receive with great joy this great cosmetic brand exclusively in Girona. I assure you that your results will delight you. Once you try it, you will notice how your skin looks young and healthy.